Australia ASX 20 Stock trading strategy - Sunday, May 9, 2021

Australia Stock Market Trend Forecast (Reference only)

ASX200 : BUY-Hold, Target 8,750 (S&P ASX 200 Index, ASX: AP Futures)
AMC : BUY, Entry 16.05, Target 25 (Amcor, ASX: AMC)

BHP : BUY-Hold, Target 74.3 (BHP, BHP Billiton, ASX: BHP)
CBA : BUY-Hold, Target 115 (Commonwealth Bank, ASX: CBA)

GMG : BUY-Hold, Target 25 (Goodman Group, ASX: GMG)
IAG : Watch, Target (Insurance Australia Group, ASX: IAG)

MQG : BUY-Hold, Target 190 (Macquarie Group, ASX: MQG)
RIO : BUY-Hold, Target 165 (Rio Tinto, ASX: RIO)

SUN : BUY-Hold, Target 13.14 (Suncorp, ASX: SUN)
TCL : BUY-Hold, Target 18.25 (Transurban, ASX: TCL)

TLS : BUY-Hold, Target 4.75 (Telstra, ASX: TLS)
WES : BUY-CloseT, Target 57.2 (Wesfarmers, ASX: WES)

Note: Trading strategies are based on forecasts for the future, so they may be right or wrong. I hope you make a better strategy of your own by referring to the above and get a lot of profit from good trading.

Australia ASX 200 Stock trading strategy